Josef Ebon

A slightly eccentric, fatalistic Norça operative


Nature: Explorer
Origin: Criminal
Allegiance: Norça [Guerreiros do Berço]

Strength 3
Dexterity [Agile] 4: Athletics 2, Drive 1, Firearms 3, Legerdemain 1, Martial Arts [Hei Hu Quan] 3, Melee 2,
Stealth 2
Stamina 3: Resistance 1

Perception 3: Awareness 1
Intelligence 2: Intrusion 2, Linguistics [Portuguese] 1
Wits 3

Appearance 2: Intimidation 1, Style 1
Manipulation 2: Subterfuge 2
Charisma 3: Savvy 2

Aptitude – Biokinesis [Somatic Awareness]
Adaptation 2: Metabolic Efficiency, Self-Contained Metabolism
Psychomorphing 3: Conceal Biokinesis, Sterile Presence, Assimilation
Transmogrify 4: Gross Manipulation, Molding, Transformation, Body Sculpt

Willpower: 6
Psi: 6
Backgrounds: Cipher 3, Citizenship [Brazil, Portugal] 1, Contacts 3, Influence 2, Resources 3, Status [Norça] 2
Flaws: Visions of Death
Gear: Aris Black Rose Bioflechette, Bioweave Armor [2/3], Field Suit [1/3], Vocoder, Minicomp

Martial Arts: Hei Hu Quan, or ‘Black Tiger Fist’, is a Kung-Fu style emphasizing quick strikes, low stances, and agile footwork. Josef gains +2 dice to Strikes and Dodges, and +1 dice to Kicks and Blocks.


Josef Ebon doesn’t talk much about his own background, but prefers to know as much as others are willing to tell (and then some). As an operative for Norça, he’s accumulated a few contacts and a little status with the organization, but appears never to settle anywhere, aside from having a few boltholes here and there across the world. His own past is a little spotty, thanks to the generally shoddy nature of the OpNet, and much of his personal information has fallen through the cracks (or been carefully hidden).

Josef’s fatalism stems from an experience with a clairsentient he worked with shortly after his triggering and training by Norça; in a moment of insight, the ISRA agent told him that she had foreseen his demise. Very little of it is clear, but he knows that it involves fighting something large, with claws and teeth—perhaps an aberrant of some sort. This event has done nothing to stem his intense curiosity about the world around him, and instilled a little fatalism as well; he believes that he won’t die until he meets this foretold end.

Outgoing and talkative, Josef nonetheless manages to conceal some of his nature when on a mission, almost effortlessly shifting between disguises and faces. He’s almost forgotten his own original appearance and ethnicity, and tends to assume a neutral “world” ethnicity to his appearance, with occasional shifting details, an indeterminate accent, and an ever-shifting wardrobe. His name may likewise be just a moniker rather than the one he was given at birth, but he’s not telling.

Josef’s extensive talents in the Transmogrify and Psychomorphing aptitudes allow him to shift through almost any number of forms with swiftness and ease. He is, however, not above using ranged weapons in combat, including his personal favorite, a floral bioapp gauntlet, resembling faint thorn-and-vine tattoos when hidden within his forearm.

Josef Ebon

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