Kelly McAllister

An upright, dutiful Socho of the 7th Legion's Phoenix Squadron


Nature: Competitor
Origin: Soldier
Allegiance: 7th Legion

Strength 3: Brawl [Boxing] 3, Might 1
Dexterity [Quick] 4: Athletics 2, Firearms 3, Martial Arts [Uchukukando] 1, Pilot [VARG] 3
Stamina 3: Endurance 1, Resistance 1

Perception 3: Awareness 1
Intelligence 2: Engineering [Bioships] 1
Wits [Level-Headed] 4: Meditation 1

Appearance 2: Intimidation 1
Manipulation 2: Command 1
Charisma 3: Etiquette 1, Savvy 1

Aptitude – Psychokinesis [Temperature Control]
Cryokinesis 4: Thermal Screen, Hypothermic Blast, Flash Freeze, Cold Cover
Telekinesis 2: Tow, Remote Manipulation
Pyrokinesis 1: Flame Immunity

Willpower: 6
Psi: 6
Backgrounds: Device [Custom Silverfish BioVARG] 4, Resources 2, Status [Legions] 2
Gear: Alchemy Bulldog F-40 Bioflechette Pistol, Bio-Environment Flightsuit [1/2], Fiberweave Armor [0/1], Custom Silverfish BioVARG, Minicomp, Vocoder


Socho [roughly Sergeant-Major] Kelly McAllister was born and raised in Australia, and was one of the witnesses to the psions’ valiant first intervention of the at the Sydney Spaceport during the aberrant attack. Fascinated by the holovision reports of these brave men and women making short work of the fiends fired her imagination and her desire to help others, and she enlisted into the Australian armed forces as soon as she could. Shortly after, she took the available tests and had enough potential to be triggered into a full-fledged psion, eventually taking a posting with the 7th Legion in defense of near-Earth habitats and colonies.

She is often no-nonsense and very direct, but never rude, and has enough rank and training under her belt to know a little bit of leadership as well. To those who don’t know her very well, her attitude sometimes can come off as cold, leading to a little bit of ribbing with regard to her focus on the Cryokinesis aptitude from those who are acquainted. Nonetheless, she is mostly a patient and helpful sort, with a strong competitive streak to boot, and is willing to open up and have fun with her companions when the time is right.

The socho is also a highly-talented pilot who has a special affinity for VARG craft, and leads her squads in a custom-fitted and formatted Silverfish BioVARG; the battlesuit and its accessories are enameled in brilliant white, with her squad and personal flashings in blue and gold. Unlike most others of its class, her BioVARG moves with an unprecedented agility that allows her to employ more agility in combat than raw power, and when equipped for aerospace flight, nearly match a Locust-C biofighter in speed.

McAllister speaks in a crisp, Australian-accented voice, clearly enunciating her words, and habitually wears a vocoder with as many languages as possible in order to better communicate with non-English speakers. Whether in or out of the BioVARG, she moves swiftly and with purpose, not afraid to press her way through a crowd or an obstacle. She is moderately tall and slightly tanned with piercing blue eyes, and has a muscular, but agile figure. She dresses in a very straitlaced manner, even out of uniform, though she is very partial to the Legions’ dress blues and white beret; however, she keeps her auburn hair in a slightly unkempt spike cut beneath her headgear.

Kelly McAllister

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